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Reset the game

Click on the rat to fight and earn gold and gain experience. If you die, you will lose all your gold. You heal automatically. Alternatively you can drink a potion to recover full health. With every new level you get a skill point. You can spend it to increase one of four attributes: strength, defense, magic and luck.

  • Strength increases effectiveness of your attack.
  • Defense makes you more resistant to counter attack.
  • Magic allows you to use spells and increases their effectiveness (see Magic section).
  • Luck increases chance for dropping better items (see Items section).

Attribute points can be reset by pressing yellow orb .

You can purchase minions which will help you fighting rats.

They fight automatically and every additional minion adds a certain value of damage to your attacks:

  • Spiders - 1 damage point per second
  • Wild cats - 5 damage points per second
  • Wolves - 10 damage points per second
  • Dragons - 100 damage points per second

Every next minion of the same type will be more expensive than a previous one so choose carefully, maybe it will be more reasonable to buy a better one.

Casting spells costs mana. If you are out of it, you can replenish it by drinking mana potion. Every potion fills your mana to the level of 100%. Use your mana the best you can to avoid wasting it.


There are 6 powerful spells you can cast:

  • Freeze - makes rats defenseless for 10 seconds, so you can fight them without taking any damage
  • Lightning bolt - kills a certain amount of rats, depending on your magic attribute, also provides item drop
  • Enchant weapon - triples your strength for 20, so you can fight rats with higher efficiency
  • Meteor strike - kills a certain amount of rats, depending on your magic
  • Poison - poisons rats for 60 seconds which gives them a certain damage, depending on your magic
  • Wealth - doubles your luck for 10 seconds, so you have a higher chance of obtaining better loot

Loot is collected in your inventory. You have limited inventory space (you can expand it using gold or sell items to save space). You can avoid picking up items of certain tier using the switches in the inventory. Epic items will always be collected (if there is a space available). If the inventory is full you won't be able to pick up any items.

You can expand inventory space for gold by pressing "buy space" .

Item types

There are 5 basic categories of items:

  • Weapons increase your strength.
  • Armors and helmets give defense.
  • Staffs increase your magic abilities.
  • Gloves increase your luck.


There are also 7 tiers of items:

  • Magic (blue)
  • Rare (yellow)
  • Material (grey)
  • Legendary (orange)
  • Demonic (purple)
  • Epic (green)
  • Ancient Epic (pulsing green)

The higher luck you have, the more and better items you will get, except demonic items that you'll have to craft as well as epic and ancient epic items (see next sections of the guide).

Crafting box unlocks when you reach 100 luck points.

Demonic Set

To craft demonic set you will need following:

  • +
  • +
  • +
  • +
  • +

Other recipes

There are also other recipes for crafting:

  • +

You can transmute 20 health potions into 20 mana potions by crafting two pairs of magic gloves and magic staff.

  • +

You can transmute 3 crafting materials of the same type into piece of coal. To do that you will have to sacrifice 1 dragon .

  • +

You can transmute 3 Coals into Crystals, but first you need to obtain the Talisman of Alchemy (see Prestige section).

Tips & hints

Coal, Eye, Cloth, Feather, Fang, Skull and Crystal are very rare drops.

You can use Crystal instead of any material, except coal.

The better magic item you use in crafting the better demonic item you get.

Crafting talismans grants you special abilities and awards you with prestige points permanently. Prestige gives a bonus to experience gained (every point of prestige adds to gained experience from killing each rat; 1 prestige point = 1 bonus exp. point). To craft talismans you have to be equipped with Demonic Helmet. After that you will be able to drop necklaces which are epic items. You will also need crystals which can be dropped by rats or purchased at the store.

  • +

Any necklace that is combined with two crystals is imbued with magic energy and turns into talisman. There are 5 types of talismans and every one adds 100 prestige points:

  • Talisman of Alchemy - enables crafting crystals from coal
  • Talisman of Agility - every click does 10 attacks
  • Talisman of Blacksmithing - increases potential items’ stat roll
  • Talisman of Enchantment - enables crafting demonic items from rare ones
  • Talisman of The Ancients - unlocks prestige stacking

After you craft Talisman of The Ancients and reset the game, every next time you craft this talisman it will add 500 prestige to your statistic.

You can buy quests in one of 2 tiers in the item shop: rare and legendary.There are 5 rare quests in 10 variants and 5 legendary quests in 21 variants.

For every quest you get a standard reward (gold, experience and prestige) and an extra reward.

Rare quest extra reward

  • 1 dragon (25% chance)
  • 1 coal (25% chance)
  • 100 health potions (25% chance)
  • 2nd normal reward (12.5% chance)
  • 1 Legendary item (12.5% chance)

Legendary quest extra reward

  • 2 x dragon (25% chance)
  • 2 x coal (25% chance)
  • 100 mana potions (12.5% chance)
  • 2nd normal reward (12.5% chance)
  • 1 Epic item (25% chance)

Ancient Epic Items

There is a 25% chance that Epic Item will be Ancient, which means, it will have a bonus property:

  • Ancient Epic Weapon - Every attack has a 20% chance to deal triple damage.
  • Ancient Epic Armor - Decreases minion cost by 20%
  • Ancient Epic Helmet - Increases necklace drop chance by 100%
  • Ancient Epic Staff - Increases spell power of Meteor, Lightning and Poison spells by 100%.
  • Ancient Epic Gloves - Increases Crystal drop chance by 100%.
You have in inventory.

A Dragon

Dragons cannot be tricked or cheated. They will serve you only after you have paid their price.


Two lumps of Coal

Travelling alchemists offen willingly trade Coal for Crystals.


A Crafting Pack

Everything you'll need to start your crafting career: 5 lumps of Coal, an Eye, a Feather, a Skull, a Cloth and a Fang.


Health Potions

That's a pack that you could consider a decent ensurance for your rat-killing adventure.


A Random Legendary Item

World's rarest and most powerful equipment pieces you can buy.


A Rare Quest

Are you ready for another adventure? Buy a quest right from the local innkeeper.


A Legendary Quest

Are you prepared? If you think so, then wait no longer and buy your pass to the most challenging adventures out there.


Legendary Quest Pack

Embark on a longer journey to have a better chance of obtaining Ancient Epic Items!