A brand new Goodgame MMO strategy game, set in the future on the Red Planet – Mars. As per original game info:

Build up your corporate empire on Mars and join the war for Millennium! ‚ÄčLead your corporate empire on Mars! Build up your base, train your units and command them in action packed battles. Prospect and mine the rare resource Millennium and ship the highest amount possible to the Mars Trade Federation. Observe every move of your enemies on the world map and intercept rival shipments or loot their bases and refineries.

Who will dominate the Millennium mining and ultimately control the Mars Trade Federation with their corporate empire? Compete with other corporations to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Use any means necessary to crush your rivals and ultimately rule the Mars Trade Federation! Do you have what it takes to dominate them all?

Enjoy this fantastic game and beware – you can get glued to your computer for hours!

Game Controls: Mouse