What happens if you blend classic TETRIS and RPG / Dungeon Crawling game genres? Well, 4 BLOCK DUNGEON is the answer! You have to connect falling, Tetris-like block to create a path in the dungeon. Full lines will disappear, just like in the real TETRIS game. You have to move the knight and explore the dungeon, kill enemies and collect gold. Just remember not to stay in the full line zone or you will die. You can find various items and use them, such as: Hammers – they will build a corridor to walk through; Pickaxes – they will break the walls; Bombs – they can destroy a single corridor square. Lots of fun!

Game Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Move the knight. Q – Switch active item. SPACE – Hold down space while walking to use an item. J / L – Move the falling room. I – Rotate the room. K – Drop down the room. ESC – Pause

Game Credits: SquareDev