Join the elite assault squad and fight against your human, online opponents in this Counter-Strike inspired, 3D first person shooter. A multitude of weapons and sceneries will keep all trigger happy warriors at play for hours. Grab your rifle, sneak upon your enemies and eliminate them in a quick and efficient manner. Good luck!

Game Controls: WASD – Move. Mouse – Aim & Shoot. SHIFT – Run
R – Reload. 1 – 5 or Mouse Wheel – Switch Weapons.
SPACE – Jump. C – Duck. G – Flashlight. F – Pick up a weapon.
T – Chat. P – Fullscreen

IMPORTANT: This game requires Unity plugin installed. Install it when your browser prompts you, or download and install the Unity Player directly from this official Unity download page. For better gaming experience, you can enter the Fullscreen Mode (right click on the game screen and choose the “Go Fulscreen” option).