A super-fascinating LEGO game in which you have to program a cute little robot, trying to save the peaceful Kingdom of Cybit, floating on a digital cloud in Cyberspace. Just drag and drop the tiles that represent various commands for the robot. See the in-game tutorial for details.

The original story is:

“Cybit is ruled by King Bit and his daughter, Princess Bittina, who protects the secret of CODEX – the digital building blocks that help Bits solve puzzles. One day, a mysterious container appears on Cybit. The container opens suddenly, unleashing the TERAVIRUS. The TERAVIRUS spreads quickly. It changes every Bit it finds into Badbots. The TERAVIRUS starts to infect all of Cybit. Even King Bit became infected. Bit and Princess Bittina narrowly escape Bad Byte, but the TERAVIRUS is out of control!. To avoid the TERAVIRUS, Bit goes into shutdown… can you reboot him and save Cybit?!”

Game Controls: Mouse