A funny, browser-based MMO game that is loosely based on the evergreen NES classic: BOMBERMAN. As per the game creator’s info:

In this 3D cartoon bomberman MMO, you begin by customizing your character. Choose may choose from many different skin colors, hair styles and MORE! In the world, you can change your character’s appearance by purchasing items from the shops and visiting the town’s barbershop.

The goal of the game is to be the strongest bomberman. Various upgrades are available in the game as well as enhancements for leveling up via matches. Gain experience points by playing matches either with a group or against players from all over the globe.

There’s so much to do in, such as socializing in the local pub (coming soon), further customizing your character at the barbershop (coming soon), interacting with NPCS (coming soon), purchasing upgrades (coming soon), solving quests (coming soon) and MORE!

Game Controls: WASD – Move. SPACE – Plant a bomb