A super-challenging and realistic sword fighting game, set in ancient Germany where Roman forces try to defeat wild German warriors. One of centurions found a strange sword that gave him super-powers, but for the price… price of 20 souls of Roman soldiers. Can you survive the battle, fighting against mighty enemies in search for rescuing your soul?

IMPORTANT: See the in-game tutorial to understand the game mechanics and controls

Game Controls: Not pressing W or S = pierce stance. W – Overhand stance. S – Underhand stance
A / D – Move Left / Right. J – Attack (default is pierce, with S – underhand strike, with W – overhand strike)
K – Special attack (default is double pierce so 2x the damage, with S – Parry strike enemy will 100% miss during attack sequence, with W – Jump strike attack, unblockable)
SHIFT – Rollover