Welcome to yet another fine game from the MADNESS universe! This is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game, where your goal is to fight your way through the complicated maze of corridors and platforms, facing multiple enemies. Shoot, slash, punch and enjoy the non-stop, fast-paced action!

Game Controls: WASD – Walk. SPACE – Jump. Mouse – Aim & Shoot. 1 to 3 – Switch weapons
E – Open cabinets/doors, use items itp. V – Whip the pistol. X – Drop the weapon

Game Credits:

  • rdy: Director
  • almost_friday: Game Design/ Programming
  • Blood sprites taken from awez
  • sound effects generously donated (stolen) from Madness: Project Nexus Classic
  • Thumbnail and some in-game posters made by Copperhead5858
  • Characters rigged by Haggets
  • Music by CupOfLemonade.
  • Special thanks to uhhh