Welcome to the fourth installment of the legendary free online RPG game, ROGUE FABLE. The mythical Goblet of Yendor shimmers with an enigmatic power. Legends whisper of immortality, while others warn of its capacity to unleash madness upon those who covet it. One thing is certain: Yendor, the enigmatic creator, holds it in the highest regard. Countless adventurers, driven by ambition and greed, have descended into the treacherous Dungeons of Doom, hoping to claim this legendary prize. Will you be the one to unlock its secrets, or will you succumb to the darkness it holds?

Game Controls: Arrow Keys / Mouse – Move. S – Go down the dungeon. SHIFT+CLICK – go to dangerous places. SHIFT+CLICK yourself – wait and heal. // See the in-game tutorial for the rest of the controls!

Game Credits: Justing Wang