Here it is! Worldwide acclaimed SCRABBLE™ ONLINE lets you play against the AI and test your language skills. Can you beat the know-it-all computer, placing letter tiles on bonus fields and scoring as many points as you can? Do you know more fancy words than your computer does? Have fun while playing the game and trying to beat the machine!

Game Controls: Mouse – Click on the tile on your rack, then drag the tile to the board


We’d like to point out that our Scrabble game uses open source dictionary from GitHub, under the BSD 3-Clause License. This dictionary is compatible with Collins Dictionary, which is used during official Scrabble tournaments worldwide. It’s also worth noting that Collins Dictionary has more words than Merriam Webster’s Dictionary that is popular in North America.

If you want to check your word online, visit this page and enter your word there to see if it’s valid or not.

We hope this explains your doubts about the words that the computer AI is using. However, if you encounter a word that the game doesn’t accept or you do believe that computer uses wrong words, please contact us using this form and report these words to us.

Enjoy the game!