An excellent real time strategy game from the first decade of 2000s – now available without Flash plugin! Your goal is to defend the last stand of humanity against monsters, led by the Dark Lord. Set up cannons, catapults and your defensive units such as soldiers and guards to kill all besieging monsters and lead your people to the victory. Construct various buildings, manage your farms to get food and spend your resources wisely. Good luck!

Game Controls:

Mouse – Click-and-Drag at the head of Catapult to adjust target, release mouse to fire.
Keyboard – Use arrow keys UP + DOWN to adjust catapult target, SPACE BAR to fire

Hot Keys – City Mode: M – Market. B – Building
Battle Mode: A – Build Army Panel. S – Send Army Button. D – Command Army Panel

Some other hints:

Dig a Trap (Foot Soldier only Ability)
Click on the Foot Soldier in order to make it digging a trap. The trap will take a while to finish, so make sure you have people cover up for him.

Tank Regular/Tower form:
Click on the Tank to transform it into a Tower. Click on it again to turn it back to Regular form.