One of the most advanced and realistic 3D car simulations online. You can choose racing car, big 18-wheel truck or… yellow forklift! Race around the track or just do crazy tricks and enjoy tens of controls that are available in this simulation. Ready to burn some rubber?

IMPORTANT: This game requires Unity3D plugin installed. Install it when your browser prompts you, or download and install the Unity3D player directly from this official Unity3D download page. For better gaming experience, enter the Fullscreen Mode (right click on the game screen and choose the “Go Fulscreen”).

Game Controls:
PageUp and PageDown keys to change car
ARROWS keys or WASD keys to drive the car
SPACE key to handbrake
C key to change camera. R key to realign the car
X key to press the clutch. F and V keys to change gear
I key to start the engine. SHIFT + R keys to repair the car

B key to toggle setup window. G key to toggle suspensions forces lines
N key to toggle the dashboard. M key to toggle the map
F1 key to toggle slow motion. F12 key to toggle shadows
Return key to disable all GUIs. ESC key to restart the level
SHIFT to enable burnout start

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