It’s year 1944 and Allies are attacking France, occupied by Nazi Germany forces. You play as an elite US squad formed to carry out dangerous missions after the Allied landing. You play as a specific class of soldier: Assault, Medic, Sniper or Support. Each soldier class uses different weapons and each carries different equipment like grenades, medical kits, mines and ammo packs. You have four game modes to choose from: Domination, Demolition, Team Deathmatch and Zombies.

Note: In freeplay mode, you can also play as the Germans and the Russians.

Game modes explained in the “how to play” section.
Game Controls:
Mouse – aim and shoot. A/D – go left/right. W – climb over/climb ladder. S – drop down platforms/stairs. C – crouch
Q – swap weapon. F – pickup weapon. SPACE – throw equipment. SHIFT – toggle sprint
M – mute. Esc/P – pause