WING COMMANDER is yet another classic game from the 90s where you play the role of the space pilot, fighting with the aggresive aliens from the Kilrathi species. You have to operate the state-of-the-art space fighter, taking part in various battles and following the intriguing story as you advance in the game. The game has breathtaking (as for 90s) graphics and exciting gameplay – lots of fun for all retro games fans!

Game Controls: Arrow Keys – Steering. SPACE – Fire guns. ENTER – Fire missile. + / – : Accelerate / Decelerate
BACKSPACE – Full Stop. W – Cycle weapons. G – Cycle guns. T – Cycle targets. L – Lock target. D – Damage HUD
F1 fo F9 – Look around, change views.
A – Autopilot. C – Comms select. N – Navigation map. CTRL+E – Eject.