It’s time for the Final Clash between the major BEN 10 characters. The evil warlord Gor, king of the planet Khoros, has called a tournament for all the best warriors of the BEN10 omniverse. The prize is really priceless – it’s the super-powerful weapon called The Golden Fist. Do you have enough skills to fight for the champion title? Choose your favorite BEN10 character and fight in VERSUS Mode against your friend or in DUEL or STORY modes against any CPU-controlled opponents. This is one of the best free online BEN10 games we’ve ever seen. It’s almost as good as Mortal Kombat!

Game Controls in DUEL or STORY MODE (one player vs. CPU):
Arrow Keys – Move, Jump. Z – Punch. X – Kick. C – Special attack

Game Controls in VERSUS MODE (two players):
Player 1: S,Z,X,C – Move, Jump. Q – Punch. W – Kick. E – Special attack
Player 2: Arrow Keys – Move, Jump. J – Punch. K – Kick. L – Special attack