A fantastic sequel to the SUPER BRAWL 2 game, featuring a full roster of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network stars. The variety of game modes is astonishing: Single Player with Arcade, Tournament and Survival modes, as well as Multiplayer with Local and Online modes. There are 40+ arenas to fight in. Apart from the standard punches & kicks, you can also use dashing, jump kicks and special moves. Every character has its own, unique fighting style, so you will definitely find your best match. Lots of fun!

Game Controls:
Player 1: W – Jump. A / D – Move (Double Tap to Dash). S – Block. [.] – Punch. [,] – Kick. [/] – Special Move
Player 2: Up Arrow – Jump. Left / Right Arrows – Move (Double Tap to Dash). Down Arrow – Block. X – Punch. Z – Kick. C – Special Move

Game Credits: Maddie Ramirez