Let’s play this fantastic game, now available without Flash Player! Enjoy the v2.5, updated and extended part of the highly acclaimed, anime inspired beat’em up game. Choose your favorite anime character and win the anime fighting tournament. Choose the good or evil side and fight until someone wins. 2.5 update includes a lot of new fighters and arenas. Are you ready for an epic anime fight?

Game Controls:
Player 1: A / D – Move. S – Defense. J – Attack / Choose game option. K – Jump. L – Sprint. U – Far Attack, I – Slay. O – Call Assistance
Player 2 (numbers are on the numeric keypad!): Arrow Keys – Move. Down – Defense, 1 – Choose game option. 2 – Jump. 3 – Sprint. 4 – Far Attack. 5 – Slay. 6 – Call Assistance