BLEACH VS. NARUTO 3 No Flash version: let’s play this classic game again, in a brand new remastered version!

Bleach vs. Naruto – version 3.0, a brand new update to the one of the greatest beat’em up anime games ever! Join the fighting arena and win against Naruto or Bleach team, in Team Play or Single Player modes, with Arcade, vs. People or vs. CPU game types. The character roster and level options were expanded – you have a lot of options to choose to choose the best gameplay for you. Good luck!

Game Controls:
Player 1: A / D – Move. S – Defense. J – Attack / Choose game option. K – Jump. L – Sprint. U – Far Attack, I – Slay. O – Call Assistance
Player 2 (numbers are on the numeric keypad!): Arrow Keys – Move. Down – Defense, 1 – Choose game option. 2 – Jump. 3 – Sprint. 4 – Far Attack. 5 – Slay. 6 – Call Assistance