Welocme to the great remake of the classic RISK: WORLD CONQUEST game, now mobile friendly thanks to HTML5!

The standard game lasts 12 turns. Once time runs out, whoever has most regions, wins.. Your soldiers conquer and defend regions. Your temples make new soldiers and can be upgraded with faith. You get faith(☯) for regions and for soldiers praying at temples.

Each player starts with one temple under their control. After your turn, each of your temples produces a new soldier. You can take over your enemies’ temples. There are neutral temples that you can conquer. Temples can be imbued with elemental powers using upgrades.

You get 3 moves each turn. Every move allows you to move one army to a neighbouring region. An army that has conquered a region cannot move again this turn. If you move into an occupied region, a battle will ensue. If you manage to kill all defenders, you take over the region. If the defenders survive, your army retreats.


Once you end your turn, new faith is generated. You get 1 for each region you have, and 1 for each soldier praying at a temple. You also get 4 faith for each soldier killed in defense of a region.

Elemental upgrades are purchased with faith (☯). There are 2 levels of each upgrade. Instead of upgrading, you can use faith to recruit soldiers. Each soldier you recruit in a turn gets more expensive. If a temple is lost, the upgrade is lost with it.

Have fun while conquering lands and fighting epic battles!

Game Controls: Mouse
Game Credits: Jakub Wasilewski