Fanorona is a really challenging board game, which originally comes from Madagascar. You can play solo against the AI, or against your friend in the 2 player mode. The rules are, as per the BoardGameGeek site:

It is played on a rectangular board made up of two Alquerque boards with 22 plain black and white pieces. Capturing is compulsory and a series of captures may be made by the same piece on a turn, as in checkers. Unique aspects of the game include its method of capture (either approaching or withdrawing your piece from a line of enemy pieces), and the “vela partie” (debt game) after winning a decisive game (the winner must let the loser “eat” one man each turn for 17 consecutive moves). Because of the density of the board (only one open spot at the games beginning) and the unique method of capture, strategy is complex and enigmatic, with fewer pieces often beating more pieces.

You can read more about Fanorona on the Wikipedia.

Game Controls: Mouse