An absolutely unique game that is a blend of chess and card game. There are some simple rules to follow – as per the original game description:

  • You’re the character in the horned helmet.
  • You have a deck of cards with chess moves. You draw 4 every turn. When your deck is empty, the discard is shuffled into a new deck.
  • Click and drag mouse on a card and highlight a direction to make the corresponding chess move.
  • Kill enemies by attacking them like you would capture with a chess piece.
  • Red crosshairs are tiles targeted for attacks, you’ll lose lives if you end your turn there. You can get attacked multiple times in a turn, the crosshairs overlap!
  • Clear the board to progress through the game.
  • You have 2 moves every turn (shown left of the board), and you can press the arrow next to your hand to end your turn early.
  • You’ll need to figure out enemy behaviours and attack patterns on your own.

Game Controls: Mouse

Game Credits: @j4nw