When a hostile world becomes your new home… it’s time to make the planet human-friendly again! The player takes the role of a brave colonist with a super-important mission to colonize the Red Planet. By so called terraforming, Mars is becoming a planet for the new Martians. Manage your resources such as water, oxygen and carbon dioxide to create good conditions for humans. As new your settlers arrive and population increases you have to manage your economy and provide sustained development.

MARS TOMORROW is not designed by a player alone, but together with several players to experience and enjoy the game together, which makes the game very communicative. Certain resources supply the player Terra points. At the end of a round they will be compared with the points of the other players. The player with the highest Terra point score wins the round. However, not only the winner of a round receives a goodie. The best players of each round will be able to win Tritium, which will be added directly into their account at the beginning of the new round. In the world of Mars Tomorrow Tritium is eventually used to buy settlers accounts, plug-ins and much more.

Have fun!

Game Controls: Mouse