If you like SUDOKU, don’t hesitate and try this game! MATHDOKU is a puzzle game similar to Sudoku, but with a bit altered rules. Your goals is to fill the grid with numbers, with each number only being used once per row and column. Groups of cells are outlined as segments, and numbers in the cells within a segment must coordinate with the number and operator. For example, 4+ means all cells within the segment must add up to 4. 2- means the difference between the cells equals 2. 6x means the multiplication of the cells equals 6 and 2/ means the cells must divide and equal 2. MATHDOKU has a special calculator, built into the game, that can help you with more complicated calculations. You can play on grids of various sizes: from 3×3 to 9×9 squares. Enjoy!

Game Controls: Mouse & Keyboard