A really bizarre, yet intriguing racing game. Drive as far as you can… and only 1% of players can make it past 2000m! Control your character by clicking and dragging mouse as you constantly move forward. Tap to jump over obstacles, click and drag to dash, drag down to slam.

More features of the game include:

● A Gorgeously Designed Cityscape with a Day-and-Night cycle
● 32 Uniquely Crafted Characters
● Dynamic Physics
● Beautiful Art and Character Designs that include snailmate, Kalen and Ariel, nyan dog, piggy bank, curling puck, fireball, clock, boxing glove, rubiks cube, ice cube, 8 ball, baseball, basketball, beachball, tennis ball, volleyball, bowlingball, dice black, dice white, hockey puck, toilet, fiat 500, beetle, vespa, italian boyfriend, forklift, flan, doughnut, peach, burger, vegan burger, lemon, lime, orange!

Game Controls: