Red Crucible is back, with even more missions, weapons, equipment and battle arenas! We know you’ve been waiting for this game, and here it is on Funky Potato Games. As the SpecOps team member, your goal is relatively simple: engage in direct combat against the enemies from around the globe and try to eliminate them before they do the same to you. The rules are clean and simple, so don’t hesitate and get into the game now!

Game Controls:
Move – W, A, S, D. Look – Mouse/Trackpad. Crouch – C. Run – SHIFT/Q. Jump – SPACE
Fire – Left click. Aim/Zoom – F/Right-click. Reload – R. Operate – E. Throw/Deploy – G
Switch Weapon – Number keys 1-3. Inventory items – Number keys 7-9
Camera mode – V. Speak – Alt + Number keys 0-9
Operables: Secondary Fire – Right-click or space
Helicopters: Fly – Space. Land – C
Menu – M. Inventory – I. Game Stats – Tab. Chat – Enter/Return. Team Chat – T
While in chat mode: Up/Down Arrow – Scroll chat. Left/Right Arrow – Change chat mode (all, team, friends)