A funky game that is a blend of a classic, text-mode RPG and… racing game. You have to race to the exit (the stairs) of a dungeon floor. In order to get out of the dungeon, you have to classify on least 7th position in the rank.

Some help below, as per the original game description:

* Your character is displayed as an “@”-sign.
* Your opponents are displayed as capital letters.
* The stairs are displayed as a “>”-sign.

You can pick up the following items:
$ : Coins give score
* : Permanent Speed-Upgrade by 10%
! : Nitro – Doubles your speed for 10 turns, when ignited.

At the beginning you and your opponents all move with the same speed, but they will get faster with every new game level. You also have some advantages over your opponents: you can move in 8 directions (including diagonal movement), while other players can only move in 4 directions. Diagonal movement enables you to cut corners and use shorter paths when traversing rooms!

There are 3 possibilities to overtake opponents:
Take advantages of your diagonal movement in rooms.
Find a shorter path.
Increase your speed by speed-upgrades or nitros.

You are supported by a magic navigation system: one possible path to the stairs is always indicated by a colored trace, however it’s calculated using the 4-directional movement. You can find a better way!

Game Controls: Arrow Keys – Walk

Game Credits: Gerhard Wonner