This is a must-play for all football (or soccer) fans. Play one-on-one match with your famous Big Head player, score more goals in one minute and be the best in the league! You can gain power-ups to play better tricks against your opponents. If you like this game, then you must play SPORTS HEADS FOOTBALL. And don’t forget to play also SPORTS HEADS TENNIS, another cool game with Big Heads!

NEW! If you are Google Chrome user, you can install SPORTS HEADS FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP as the Chrome extension! Click on the button below to install.
Add Sports Heads Football Championship as Chrome Extension

Game Controls (2 Players mode):
PLAYER 1: Left/Right Arrow – Move Player. Up Arrow – Jump, Shoot with the Head. P – Kick the Ball (SPACE in 1 PLAYER MODE)
PLAYER 2: WASD – Move Player. W – Jump, Shoot with the Head. SPACE – Kick the Ball