A small, yet very interesting strategy / economy game. You have to protect the land from the darkness. In order to do so, you have to build villages, cities, towers. As per original game description:

The available upgrade is based on the adjacent areas and areas boost each other, so make sure to experiment and discover all possibilities. There are two ways to win in Standard Mode; one of them is a bit harder if you like a challenge. After you found both, continue playing with Extended Mode, which has even more upgrades and three ways to win. It’s a bit more challenging, too… Can you stop the darkness and save the land?

Some tips:
– Start by building up a good wood income, as a lot of early buildings need lots of wood.
– The Tower of Light is very useful, so be sure to build it quickly. In Extended Mode, be sure to build a Lighthouse as well.
– Ports can be more useful than you might think, especially for producing lots of Technology quickly.

Game Controls: Mouse (see in-game tutorial for details)