A totally crazy pixel game for all sushi fans for two players! Choose your player color scheme and compete against each other, preparing delicious sushi, using special conveyour belts!

As per the original game info:

Bump into counter space to pickup ingredients (red=fish, white=rice, green=seaweed). Find out recipes from the book in the lower right.
Discard used plates and botched recipes in the lower left sink. You can carry up to 3 items!

Sushi Crafting:

Dishes are made by combining three ingredients on the makisu (sushi mat). Order does not matter!
If you don’t know the recipe, it will become poop which should be discarded lest it scare off customers. The game is played over a week, each day you learn a new recipe.

Two Players:

Players gain points for being the one that placed ingredients for making a dish and for placing it on the belt.
You can also gain points by picking up tips and washing dishes

Game Controls:
Player 1: ESDF – Choose options / Move, TAB – Select options / Drop item on the floor. Q – Back out
Player 2: Arrow Keys – Choose options / Move, Z or C – Select options / Drop item on the floor. X – Back out
Game Credits: Munro