If you like medieval times, knights, intrigues and epic battles, you’ll love this game. In Thirty Kingdoms, you will take the role of one of the Royal Houses of the Midlands. You will face the challenge to become the undisputed monarch of the continent, using the force of your loyal troops and their unique abilities and smart diplomacy with his fellow Lords and Ladies. You have to think strategically and eliminate your opponents in an effective and smart way. Good luck!

The game features:

• 30 playable Royal Houses and demanding opponents controlled by the AI
• Complex siege feature
• Units move in real-time on a detailed map with several terrain features
• An extensive tech tree with 25 different buildings
• Ten different units, all with special abilities in different terrains
• Three special units. Choose between Mages, Trolls and Dragons to follow your banner.
• Complex spy features: Send Courtesans, corrupt Magistrates or Deserters in hostile provinces.

Game Controls: Mouse