Warning: this game is intended for 13+ audiences only!
A thrilling 3D FPS game in which you are left alone in the Afghan desert, besieged by hordes of angry, aggressive Zombies. Find weapons and kill them before they grab you and eat your brains alive! Remember: happy camping is not a good strategy because the Zombies will surround you and kill in a few seconds. You have to run and shoot in order to stay alive!

Game Controls: WASD – Move. Mouse – Look, Aim & Shoot. Right Click – Raise sights / Defend. 1 to 6 – Switch weapon. R – Reload.
SPACE – Jump. LEFT SHIFT – Sprint. LEFT CTRL – Crouch. Q / E – Lean left / right
F – Pick up / Use item. V – Melee attack. Backspace – Select Grenade. G – Throw Grenade