You were hired by Mobs Inc. – a dark company that manages the deep, dangerous dungeon. Your job is simple: to kill as many brave adventurers as you can. Don’t let them loot your boss; just click on them to attack. Be quick and don’t let your boss down – he will give your only four warnings and when the last one goes you’ll be fired. But if you work hard, you’ll get a promotion and new skills. Lots of fun with this awesome RPG-parody game!

Game Controls: Mouse – Left Click to Attack. See the in-game tutorial for more details

Game Credits:
• Pietro Ferrantelli (@PietroFerrantel) – Game Design & Development
• Theophile Loaec (@thomaslean) – Character Art, Sound Design & Music
• OrikMcFly (@OrikMcFly) – Environment Art, VFx & UI
• Augustin Grassien (@anabirFR) – Environnment Art, VFx & UI.