A classic card game in the free online version. The game is a partnership, trick-taking game. The rules are as follows:

    If possible, you MUST play a card that matches the suit of the leading card. The highest card played takes the trick.
    A spade card will always trump other colors. A spade card cannot lead the trick until at least one spade has been played in the previous trick.
    You have to bid the amount of tricks you believe you will take. You’ll receive 10 points per trick bid. 10 points (per bid) are received for teams that do not meet their total trick bid. Get “1 bag” for every trick your team takes exceeding your trick bid for that hand. Accumulating 10 bags will result in a -100 points penalty. A nil bid (no points taken) is worth 100 points; 200 points for a blind nil.
    Your team wins when either (a) has 500 points (b) the opposing team has reaches negative 200 points

Spades will always trump. Other suits have no intrinsic value during play, but a card of the suit led in the current trick will beat a card of any other suit except a Spade. If a tiebreaker is needed in a draw for deal, the most common suit order from low to high is ♣ ♦ ♥ ♠.

Game Controls: Mouse