THE LAST NINJA is one of the best isometric 3D games of 80’s… and here we have a NES version, which actually is THE LAST NINJA 2 from Commodore 64 / Amiga, ported to Nintendo console. Technical details aside, this game really rocked – as the Last Ninja named Armakuni, your goal is to find evil Shogun Kunitoki and kill him before he becomes immortal and destroys the Ninja Guild. Armakuni must go through 6 different levels, each one being a part of New York City. The Central Park and NYC streets soon will witness some atrocious fights and a real, exciting adventure going on!

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Buttons are:
[A] Button = X. [B] Button = Z | [START] = S. [SELECT] = A | DIRECTIONAL PAD = ARROW KEYS