This is one of the funniest adventure / RPG games that you can find online! If you like exploring vast territories, fighting with monsters and other adventurers, try SHAKES AND FIDGET. As per the original game description:

Create your own hero and dive into a dangerous world full of monster rabbits and brides from hell! Survive exciting adventures in creepy dungeons or the mystical fairy tale tower, and defeat real players in the arena. Gain experience, gold and honor to improve your character continuously. You can also found your own guild with friends and have your names up high on the walls of the Hall of Fame!

* Free to Play
* Award-winning multiplayer RPG
* Guild fights, friends-chat and messaging system
* Easy to learn, easy to use
* 8 selectable races and 5 classes
* PvP against other real players
* Thousands of weapons and magical equipment
* Exciting quests and creepy dungeons
* Fully customizable character image in comic book look

Game Controls: Mouse