THE TOWER, No Flash version – let’s have fun while playing yet another classic Flash game!

Once upon a time, a brave warrior killed a dragon and put its heart into the celestial glass box. The heart has magical powers… but has landed in wrong hands of the evil king. The warrior could not bear it, stole the heart and gave it to you, the engineer whose job is to stack up defensive blocks and use various spells to protect your main heart block from the king’s army who wants to re-take the precious artifact.

Some from the game author:

– Flying won’t attack your heart if it’s not in line with them, but will pose a threat if you build high. So be careful.
– Cannons work better the higher they are. There range & accuracy is based on there height as you will see.
– Try to use a bit of everything, don’t stick to just defensive, or just offensive.

Game Controls: Mouse – Blocks / Spells. Numbers 0 to 9 – Quick selection of blocks / spells