Enjoy the free online version of the cult AMONG US game. You can be either Traitor (with the goal of doing all the bad stuff to innocent people and sabotage their efforts) or Scientist who has to fix the oxygen installation and save the crew from their fate. Create your own game room or join other games with players from around the world. Have fun!

As per the original game instruction from the developers (see the credits below):

You are a team of scientists on a mission to fill the chamber with oxygen. You have to find and pick up oxygen tanks and place them in the oxygen hub. You also need to put orbs on pedestals and throw the trash out. The rooms are filled with dangerous discs, avoid them at all cost. Complete all the tasks before oxygens run out and you win the game.

Up to 3 players can be randomly assigned as traitor discs. A traitor disc can pretend to work like a scientist. They can pick up quest items and put them in a tight spot or hide them. They can move the oxygen tanks out of the hub. They can also transform into a disc and kill you. They will do everything to slow you down. They can use the trash passage to transport to other parts of the room. Find out who the traitor discs are and put anybody you suspect in jail.

In Disc Us, it’s not over until the game is over. If you get killed you respawn in the center hub. If you get voted out you can still get back in the game by convincing other players to use the key to open your jail.

Game Controls: WASD – Move. SPACE – Interact
Game Credits: Code: Keybol​. Art: Mwaayk​. SFX: doseone​. Music: Symmetrical Audio (thanks getdizzy​)