A crazy blend of the two iconic games: TETRIS and MINESWEEPER. You will play the classic game of TETRIS, with one exception – each falling piece is an element of MINESWEEPER level, with hidden mines! Once the piece reaches the bottom of the pit, it will add new bombs to the level. You have to divide your attention and simultaneously maneuver falling pieces, as well as guess and mark hidden mines. As in the clasic TETRIS game, your objective is to clear horizontal lines; in this game, apart from the standard TETRIS-like clearing, you can also properly mark all mines in a given line to clear it.

Game Controls for TETRIS: Arrow Keys / WASD – Move, Rotate, Soft Drop. SPACE / ENTER – Hard Drop. ESC – Pause
Game Controls for MINESWEEPER: Left Click – Reveal. Right Click – Flag. Middle Click – Question Mark. Left and Right Click / Middle Click – Chord

Game Credits: Jesse Riggins