A brand new hidden objects game from Hidden4Fun! From the original description:

Yes, we all know that usually the main things happen in the cities and everything is concentrated there. However, people that live in villages are also very inventive and creative and know how to invest their time and do something that could make their lives easier. For example, once in month, the village where Gloria lives organizes a village bazaar. During that period all the people that live there and have something to offer, expose their stuff on the stalls. You can see everything on those stalls, from fruits and vegetable to furniture and kitchen stuff and usually the market ends up as a trade exchange – people sell their stuff and get new things from what they see on the market.

Gloria and her family grow apples and they plan to sell them on the market. Since they have very beautiful products, they believe that they will sell them very fast so Gloria will have enough time to buy something too. She notices that there are so many valuable things here, so she likes to see if there is something that she needs. The village bazaar offers many interesting objects but what would be right for her?!

Let’s take a tour through the village bazaar together and see what is happening there. You will notice that this is a very nice tradition, but at the same time very useful tradition that allows people to earn some money or simply to get rid of the things that they don’t need and find something they really need.

Game Controls: Mouse