A funny game in which you’re playing as the sea catastrophe survivor, who has to rescue himself… by building the raft from floating trash! Swim in the ocean, look for the useful pieces and then try to build the raft, with sails and other things that will help you to navigate the high seas. Can you build the biggest raft ever? Watch out for dangerous sea mines that may explode upon touching your raft. Good luck!

Game Controls: WASD (or move the mouse to screen edges) – Rotate the camera. Mouse Click – Collect / Build. Right Click – Cancel building mode.

Game Credits: TipToe Team (Vlastimil Žemla aka Hříbeček, Slavomír Krbyla aka Pobuda, Matěj Mainuš aka Oháňka, Tomáš Růžička aka Zapékač, Zdeněk Vídeňský aka Terorista, Jiří Starý aka Stařec)