An epic blend of the best of 80’s action cinema and 90’s retro console games. The world has been attacked by Zombies and your goal is to bring peace back to Earth, together with your crazy pet. Slash your way through pixelated levels and enjoy the action! The game, according to its authors, has some outstanding features:

– 16-bits aesthetic reminiscent of 90’s 2D games
– Platforming combat with a huge array of attack moves to engage enemies
– Chain combos to fill your RAGE meter, and unleash devastating special attacks
– Exploration-based stages with save rooms, unlockable paths, upgrades and secrets
– Intense soundtrack inspired by Retrowave music
– Focused on classic gameplay, no gimmicks

Game Controls: WASD – Move. K – Jump / Accept. I – Attack / Return. O – Pet Attack. SPACE – Start / Pause