A fantastic RPG / roguelike turn-based game, in which you can explore various dungeons and mysterious lands in search for fame and wealth. Create your character and embark on an epic fantasy journey. Your primary objective is reaching as far into your adventure as possible. Each character has a set of skills and a weakness that will determine how hard your adventure will be. The game features many fantastic gameplay options – as per the author’s description:

• Infinite world with medieval and mythological dungeons such as Caves, the Underworld, Castle, and more!
• Level-based RPG progression with unique character classes
• Competitive leaderboard with premium rewards
• Optional hardcore mode with permadeath for the traditional roguelike experience
• Top-down retro pixel graphics

Game Controls: WASD – Move / Attack. SPACE – Wait a turn. Numeric Keys 1-7 – Use Active Abilities (if you have any)

Game Credits: Jonathan Concepcion / @SpaceKryptonite. If you like the free web version, consider downloading this awesome game from Steam!